Dr. Amrish Vaidya
Tongue Tie


What is tongue tie?

Tongue tie implies that the undersurface of the tongue is anchored to the floor of the mouth, impeding free movement and protrusion of the tongue. The tongue is anchored by a membrane called the frenum.
Does tongue tie have any effects on my child?

Having a tongue tie can make pronouncing certain syllables difficult. Thus speech can be affected. Sometimes, babies with tongue tie may have difficulties in feeding.
Should surgery be done for this condition, and when?

As in many situations, tongue tie varies in degree. If a doctor suggests that the tongue tie is significant, then surgery is advisable.Surgery is best done before speech develops. It is an unfortunate truth that the surgery for a tongue tie is best done before it’s adverse effects on speech can be ascertained!
How complicated is surgery for tongue tie?

Though general anaesthesia is used, surgery is generally quick and safe, and is done as a day-care procedure. Your child will hardly be inconvenienced or uncomfortable after the procedure is done.
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