Dr. Amrish Vaidya
Information about Surgery

A circumcision is an operation done to remove the foreskin of the penis. After a circumcision, the glans of the penis becomes exposed.
Does this need anaesthesia?

Most operations in children are done using anaesthesia. Generally, a combination of sedation with local anaesthesia is used. Using this combination ensures that your child will receive the least amount of anaesthesia to keep him comfortable and pain-free.

Local anaesthesia is given by either injecting some drug at the base of the penis, or using an injection in the back. The former is called a penile block. The back-injection is called a caudal or epidural block, and is similar to the epidural anaesthesia that is used during labour.

A caudal block is very often used in children. It has a very good effect is blocking pain, and has few side effects.
What is done during the operation?

The foreskin is cut off, to expose the glans. Generally the cut edges of the skin need to be stitched up. This is done using dissolving sutures. Sometimes in infants, when a special instrument is used, stitches may not be needed.
How long must I be in the hospital?

The operation is generally done on a day-care basis. You can bring in your child in the morning for surgery, and go home a few hours later, if  all is well.
Will there be a dressing that needs changing?

There is generally no dressing. There may be a flimsy piece of gauze that covers the stitches, but this will slip off on its own. There is no need to dress the wound.
What care will I need to take?

Your child may be more comfortable in loose clothing like boxers shorts or a  lungi,(or sometimes, nothing at all!) for a few days.
There may be pain, which will need medication – this will be prescribed at the hospital.
An ointment may be recommended for use on the wound – generally I recommend an eye ointment, since it spreads really easily.
The stitches are self-dissolving, and generally I see patients a week after surgery, just to make sure that all is well.
There may be a swelling of the penis for some days after surgery – this will settle down.
Bathing is allowed a day or two after surgery.
After a week, I recommend that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly be used on the exposed glans for about a month. This helps to protect the sensitive skin of the glans and especially the urinary opening (the urethral meatus) from the effects of exposure. After a few weeks, the nature of this skin changes to make it drier and less sensitive.
What problems may I encounter?

There may sometimes be bleeding after the operation. If this is a little staing with blood on the underclothes, ignore it. If there are drops of blood, you need to report back to the hospital.
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